International Certification MindSonar  

“Getting to the heart of your thinking”

  • Virginia - USA

WHAT is MindSonar?  

MindSonar is like an X-ray Machine for the Mind. MindSonar is an online assessment that measures how people think (Meta Programs) and what they find important (Graves Drives). Someone’s unique personal thinking style is made up of a combination of Meta Programs and Graves Drives.  

Context, Thinking, Feeling, Doing, Results: How someone thinks, their mindset, often determines their emotions and their actions. All this happens in a context, a situation. Emotions and actions determine the results. 

WHO uses MindSonar?  

MindSonar is used all over the world, mostly by: ✓ Consultants 


✓ Team Builders

✓ HR Professionals and Organizational Developers.  

They use MindSonar in organizations like an Olympic sports team (teambuilding), the armed forces (leadership development) or an automobile manufacturer (sales).  

WHY should you be a Certified MindSonar Professional ?  

MindSonar is offered exclusively through a network of certified MindSonar Professionals. The combination of a refined measurement plus an expert Professional gives MindSonar solutions their unique power. Also, MindSonar has a community of professionals in USA, Puerto Rico, Netherlands and Latin America. We provide professional development, Webinars and is a great opportunity to increase your personal brand in a global market.